11 Benefits Of Having A Blogger Boyfriend


While living in this beautiful world of blogging, one can feel the beauty of this comprehensive network. Bloggers do not only design content to post on their blogs, but also build social relations with their readers and other bloggers.

Indeed, It is quite obvious but do u have ever imagined about the personal life of bloggers?


What about their love life?

Are they the same when compared to software or other guys?

Are there any particular qualities or benefits of having a blogger boyfriend?

blogger boyfriend

All the females out there who are reading this. This one is going to change your whole thought about bloggers. Some of you have always been cynical about having a blogger boyfriend because they might not have enough time for you or any other reason, But it is not the truth.

Do you know that Bloggers can prove to be better boyfriends than regular guys? So here I am writing…

Benefits Of A Blogger Boyfriend

(1) No Chance Of Getting Cheated

No chance of getting cheated while you have a blogger boyfriend

The fear of being cheated on is one of the biggest concerns of girls while in relation. If you’ve been cheated on before, I know it’s hard to trust again on a guy. In the case of a Blogger Boyfriend, the probability of getting cheated is negligible. Bloggers are always utilized in their world of computers and barely have an extra time to waste so your relation is always secure. Also, they have an additional level of understanding power about their relation.

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(2) Highly Creative and Innovative

blogger boyfriendThe Influential reason that you should have a Blogger boyfriend is that they are highly creative and innovative. An ordinary person can hardly compete with a blogger regarding creativity and innovation. They always have something new for you.

(3) In Case Of Fights and Arguments

blogger boyfriend

Fights and Arguments are essential for a healthy relationship but sometimes, These are the only reasons behind a breakup. If you have a Blogger boyfriend, you don’t have to worry much about these fights and issues. Fights and arguments are always dealt with in a very peaceful manner as calmness is an essential Mantra of a Blogger.

(4) Loving And Caring Nature

blogger boyfriend

Bloggers have a loving and caring nature acquired by their very profession of blogging as they always have to maintain a quality SEO, Backlinks and proper care for their blogs. They always love and care for their belongings, and this makes them a perfect partner.

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(5) No Issue Of Timing


 Bloggers are self-employed, and there is no issues of timing with them. They can always shift their work according to your convenience so going out and taking some time off for vacations will never be a problem.

(6) Independent and Are Own Boss

bloggers are highly creative and innovative

Yes, they are entrepreneurs and their own boss hence, they are not working for someone else. There will be no calls from the manager or the boss, and they don’t have to answer anyone because they are the superior ones.

(7) Never Out Of Reach


And when your phone is not working, and you are unable to use WhatsApp, Hike or Text messaging, you can simply clink them on their mail id. Since they are always online, they can never scorn your words even if they are not available for calls.

(8) An Intense Taste of Gifts

Gifts blogger boyfriend

As they are always up-to-date, they know about all the changing trends in the world. You can count on getting the latest contraptions and all best stuff that you can exult about. They know about the best presentations and the most popular gifts that girls like so you will have fun opening your presents.

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(9) Sensitive People

11 benefits of having a blogger boyfriend

Girls, who think that bloggers are insensitive regarding romance, are entirely wrong. A Blogger always has a different approach to show his love and affection, but it doesn’t mean that he is unaware of it. Their style of romance might be varied, but you will undoubtedly feel them trying.

(10) Intelligent and Knowledgeable 

11 benefits of having a blogger boyfriend

Complexities of Designs, Methods, Techniques and Resources have made an ordinary person a blogger. Bloggers are ravening readers and while on the Internet they read almost everything and anything they find. Therefore, they have knowledge about almost everything.

(11) Feel Proud to Introduce Them

11 benefits of having a blogger boyfriend

Yes, the last one and the best one. With a boyfriend so lucky and intelligence, it will be easy for you to introduce him to your friends and family. You will also feel a sense of pride that your boyfriend is self-employed. You can simply feel proud on your blogger boyfriend.