Here Is What Will Happen If You Will Not Put Your Phone On Flight Mode While Flying

Phone on flight mode

You must be aware of the Flight mode function of your mobile phone. While activating the control, Your phone stops complete Cellular communication and other major functions of it. If you have ever flown in an aeroplane, you must be aware of the most apparent instruction given by the air hostess, that is “Put your mobile phone on flight mode or switch off all the electronic gadgets.”

All we can think of is that not doing so can disrupt the communication of the aircraft with air traffic control (ATC). Resulting which it may lead to a plane crash. But you’ll be surprised to know that is nothing but just a myth.

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In this Article, you will get to know that why you are always asked to do so and what will happen if you will not put your phone on Flight Mode but before that…

What Happens When You Put Your Phone On Flight Mode?

Flight mode in a phone, no matter it is iPhone, Android or Windows, disables all the communications protocols along with the GPS and other critical functions.

Why to Put Your Phone On Flight Mode While Flying?

Okay, It is nothing like that your phone signals will create a barrier to the communication of pilot or ATS and Your plane will crash if you will not activate your flight mode. Here is What a pilot has to say about it.

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Put your phone on flight mode

You can imagine that unusual sound in the headphone of the pilot while talking or getting an important instruction.It can be quite annoying!

So for a safe and happy journey, you should keep your phone on flight mode while travelling by air. There are many other benefits like you can save your battery up to an extent if you will activate this flight mode on your phone.