Kapil Sharma and his current weekly “The Kapil Sharma Show”, are the two synonyms for comedy in the entertainment industry. The king of comedy is doing excellent with his show that airs on Sony Entertainment Television. Despite the fact that Kapil has faced a lot of hassle in the past, he has a strong audience base and his whole team is working with him.

The First Episode Of The Kapil Sharma Show
Team Is Awesome and The Whopping Amount That Kapil Sharma And His Teammates Earn Per Episode Is Awesome Too

Kapil as the main host and other characters, Kiku Sharda as the nurse, Ali Asgar as Dr Mashhoor Gulati and everyone else in the team with different-different characters are working their best to make us laugh. But do you know how much each of them makes per episode? How much Kapil and his crew earns per episode?

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Yes, the amount that Kapil Sharma and his teammates earn per episode is quite good too.

According to a report in DNA, comedian Kapil Sharma charges around Rs. 60-80 lakh per episode. Yes, you read that right, 60-80 lakh per episode.

Sunil Grover, who currently plays the role of Dr Mashoor Gulati in the show charges Rs. 10-12 lakh per episode while Navjot Singh Sidhu earns about Rs. 8-10 lakh per episode. Talking about actor Kiku Sharda and Ali Asgar earn Rs. 5-7 lakh and Sumona Chakravarti earns Rs. 6-7 lakh. We further heard that Chandan Prabhakar earns about Rs. 4 lakh and Rochelle Rao earns Rs. 3-4 lakh for every episode.