Online shopping is a necessity and websites like Amazon play a significant part in fulfilling the same.

Are you addicted to Amazon? If yes, then you are not alone. According to data released last year, Amazon’s e-commerce revenue rose 15.8% in a chunk of 12 months and is growing rapidly.

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No, there is nothing wrong but stop for a second…

What if I will say that I can help you adjusting your shopping practice at Amazon and making it way better?

Yes, I am not kidding..,

Here are the 9 hacks that will literally improve your shopping life (and save you money). (Bookmark This!)

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(1) CASHKARO Before Shopping (For Indians Only)

Before heading towards amazon, just go to Cashkaro and you can get a fixed percentage of cashback(You can also get this Cashback in your bank account) in addition to various coupon codes on anything you purchase at the store. Not only at amazon, you can consider buying stuff from other websites depending on the discount. Here is the definite guide to using it.

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(2) Amazon Coupons

Amazon Coupons

The very next thing to look for deals is the Amazon Coupons section. It has daily deals on pretty much everything. You can access them to have some better prices.

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(3) Use Bitcoins & Save Up To 25% Off On Amazon

Yes, up to 25% off and I am not at all spoofing you.

Using Purseyou can save up to 25% of your money. The only thing that you need to have with you are your bitcoins. (In case You don’t have bitcoins, Unocoin is the best place to purchase it)

You may get confused in this process and hence, I have included this guide to help you out in the complete process.

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(4) Get A Free Trial Of Amazon Prime And Unbox Prime Perks

In case you don’t know about Amazon prime, It comes up with many benefits and you will love trying it whilst getting it for free.

To include a few of many advantages, you can have unlimited FREE and prioritised deliveries, unlimited video streamings, early access to best deals and a lot more in amazon prime. To start you free 30 days trial, you can click here.

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(5) Refer & Earn ₹200 

The very next important thing that can help you saving extra cash in your pocket.

Amazon’s referral program helps you in making money on your referrals to the website. This will earn you Rs200 for each friend who signs up at Amazon and makes a purchase of ₹300 or more. Your friend also gets ₹100.

If you haven’t signed up at amazon, you can click on this link and get rs 100 after your first purchase.

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9 Amazon Hacks That Will That Will Actually Change Your Life (And Save You Money)
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9 Amazon Hacks That Will That Will Actually Change Your Life (And Save You Money)
Are you addicted to Amazon? If yes, then you are not alone. But, do you know that you can actually save a lot of your money while shopping on amazon? Yes, these 9 hacks will literally improve your shopping life (and save you money). ... Happy Shopping
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  • Shruti Verma

    I just love the third one.
    purse is a life saver!
    btw thanx for sharing 🙂

    • Akash Kaiden Sharma

      Thnakyou so much Shruti…
      I am glad you liked it 🙂

  • These look like helpful hacks Akash. I am always selling on Amazon and rarely buying these days but will definitely remember a few; especially the referrer one. Not a bad deal at all. Kindle Unlimited helps you save money over the long haul too. If you’re a book nut sign up and save a big time amount over the long haul.


    • Akash Kaiden Sharma

      Ofcource that Kindle unlimited one…
      Thank you so much ryan.