People think that blogging is the easiest way to earn money but it is not. Being a Blogger, I can say that yes blogging gives you money but only when you are hardworking and Patient at the same time. Hard work and Patience are the two keys to success for bloggers. But, This patience doesn’t mean that you should waste your time…

We have many tasks to perform on a daily basis from organizing our content buckets to ensuring website’s usability to link building and much more. Today I will be discussing some major chrome extensions for my blogger friends that can help in performing various daily tasks conveniently.

Google Chrome is one of the best browsers for windows and the available extension of chrome strengthen my statement. Here I present 7 most useful chrome extensions…

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(1) Grammarly 

Being a non-native English speaker, Writing perfect English without mistakes and grammatical errors, is quite tough for people like me. Grammarly is an advanced, full-featured grammar and spell checker that integrates with almost anything you write online. Grammarly is a writing enhancement platform which allows you to check your errors while writing in English.

Download Here


(2) + Flip It

Flipboard is a magazine format social networking website which allows users to “flip” through their social-networking feeds and feeds from websites. Flipboard is a nice tool to develop organic traffic to your blog. +Flip It tool let you save your favorite stories, images and videos from across the web into your own Flipboard magazines.

Download Here

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(3) Alexa Tool is a powerful website moreover ranking system based on the level of traffic a website receives from people. One of the many ways Alexa calculates the traffic of a website by analyzing the users who are using Alexa toolbar. Alexa Toolbar helps you to know the ranking of any website which is live in your browser at that time. Alexa toolbar also increases your own ranking globally. The fact that no one spends more time than you checking your own website is the reason that you should download it right now.

Download Herealexa toolbaar

(4)  Evernote Clipper

A Note making tool which can save web pages for reading later. Evernote offers many ways of saving a web document. Just click right on a page you want to save and you will see an option.

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Download Here

(5) SEO 

One Of the most powerful tool for chrome is this SEO Tool. It gives all minute details for search engine optimization of your website. This tool Help to give the quick look at website insight and give an overview of the site in terms of SEO.

seo tool for chrome

Download Here

(6) Search for Image

Google’s Search by Image extension can help you in finding the source of an unknown image. With the extension installed, hovering over any image reveals a link to Google Image Search, which can recognize the photo and bring up similar images. From there, you’ll have a much easier time finding more details and tracking down the source.

Download Here