As per the number of blog and articles dedicated to ‘Weight Loss and related issues on the web, fatty people are considered as essentially the most distraughted people on the planet. Just head on to google and search for ‘weight’ and you will find thousand of articles to shed weight. However, people like me who’re annoyed enough from their light weight or better say ‘Skinny people’, usually feel like being ignored.

While ‘being Skinny’ is as disturbing as ‘being fatty’ (I can say more disturbing coz I am one of them), most people consider it as a fair game to comment on the weight of skinny People.

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Aside from facing comments like Bhai, Hawa Chal Rahi hai UDD Mat Jana, there is a variety of other problems, thin people can better agree on. So, Here I have a list of 11 Struggles That Only Skinny People Will Better Understand

#1 Tired Of Hearing “Kuch Khaya Piya Karo” And Questions Like “Kuch Khate Peete Nhi Ho Kya?”

No… Not At All.

As if I’m an alien who can survive without meals :/ or else if they consider me as a human being then my mother and father truly want to starve me to death… I mean seriously?

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#2 Facing Comments Like ” Patthar Bharlo Jeb Mein, Aise To Udd Hi Jaoge” On Windy Day…

You can ignore them but whilst a skinny person, you do question yourself before going out.

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#3 When People Want To Adopt “Your Problem” As Being Skinny Is Not A Problem For Them

For them, their cute, adorable, and chubby personality is a problem while you love to see them as they are. They will count the satisfaction in numbers, as per them, there is no reason to be insecure or complain about being skinny.

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#4 When You Can’t Wear Jeans Without Belts

It’s important to loop a standard belt around your waist twice and regardless of how small size you get, your pants will always inevitably appear to be harem pants and that is too irritating :/

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#5 No, You Can’t Donate The Blood. Moreover, You Need Some Units For Yourself

Even when it is O(+ve) they will laugh on your decision first and this laughter will get double if you will not meet the actual weight requirements.

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#6 Struggle Of Finding Clothes… “Ohh God!!! Nothing Gets Fit To Me” 🙁

When you can’t fit into adult clothing, Alter is the only option.

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#7 Hard Time Getting Your Watch Fit To Your Wrist

Baby, I got your number...

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#8 Being Skinny Doesn’t Mean That You Masturbate A Lot But You Can’t Prove This To Your Friends

There is no single proof that masturbating can cause weight loss… OK, Even If It Does, your skinny body is not enough to justify that you masturbate.

Even when they know the truth, they will pull your leg because they are Your F.R.I.E.N.D.S

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#9 People Are Shocked When You Tell Them You Are Going To Hit The Gym

Why can’t I?

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#10 Feeling Cold All The Time

I feel cold all the time because I have less fat under my skin.

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#11 Not Being Able To Gain Weight No Matter What You Do


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At the end, I just want to suggest you to love yourself.

Eat Whatever You Want To, And If Someone Tries To Lecture You About Your Weight And Physique, Eat Them Too 😀