We all love holidays and particularly summer breaks. The time when you know about the extream hot weather outside, and you can recline beneath your AC at your home.

Summer breaks though can be incredibly irritating and frustrating at home watching those shhitty motion pictures on television and checking all-same feeds on facebook and twitter.


As an option, music aids to waste time more quickly.

Listed here are some good songs(Hindi, English, and Punjabi) that you can go along with, to have some glorious time at your home throughout summer season breaks.

(1) Despacito- Luis Fonsi

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(2) Closer- The Chainsmokers

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(3) Cheap Thrills- Sia

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(4) Laung Gawacha- NUCLEYA 

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(5) Lights- Nucleya

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(6) High Rated Gabru- Guru Randhawa

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(7) Na Ja Na Ja- Pav Dharia

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(8) Take Me There- Nucleya

One of my favourite.

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(9) Jay-Jaykara- Kailash Kher

Check this out too…

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